Today has been a hard day here in South Korea. The weather is miserable and it almost feels like Korea itself is crying because of what happened. At school today, you could not only see but also feel the pain and heartache that all the teachers have today because of the ferry tragedy.




It can be a little hard when you’ve been waiting for something so anticipated and it keeps getting delayed. I totally get that. But for me, even though it can be frustrating to wait, I really respect and admire South Korean media for paying their respect towards a tragedy. Where I live in North…

To the ones who have complained about EXO's comeback delays


As a South Korean myself this tragedy that happened breaks my heart and hearing you guys complain is just extremely disrespectful and selfish of you. If your country had this happen, wouldn’t YOU be upset? Show some respect. If EXO and all your favorite singers are doing it, why can’t you? And…


I’ve seen a lot of ugliness from this fandom, including hurting the boys. But this has to be one of the worst things I’ve heard about.

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